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Rotary Broaching Holders & Attachments
- Ideal for Vertical Machining Centers / Milling Machines (VMC)-

Rotary Broaching is a process that is not limited to Manual & CNC Lathes. The Broaching process can also be implemented in Vertical machining centers (VMCs) and milling centers. Our Swiss-type broach holder is ideal for converting over to a milling operation as it does not require center locating. This process enables the formation of polygon broach profiles on complex workpieces in a vertical machine setup without performing secondary broaching operation on a separate machine.
Precision Manufactured by PCM® Willen SA of Switzerland
2160 Series Broach Holder - VMC Configuration
Rated to 2250 thrust lbs. - Holds 8mm shank 2110 series broaches

Europe's best Swiss Made broaching products, now available to US customers
You've messed with the rest, now try the best.

rotary broach attachment for machining centers

Excellent for Light & Medium Duty jobs the 2160 Series Broach Holder in milling configuration is a great choice for CNC vertical machining centers, VMC, and CNC milling machines

- Able to be easily oriented to specific locations on workpieces.
- Able to withstand 2250 lbs of thrust force
- Low profile grease fitting takes up less space
- Use with PCM® 8mmØ x 28mm OAL broaches
- Enables broaching in you vertical machining center(VMC) and milling center.

How Rotary Broaching Works in a Vertical Machining Center

Steps taken to pre-drill for the broach are the same as if the job were being performed in a lathe.

1. Drill a pilot hole to at least the same size as the minor diameter of the broach profile to be formed.

2. Chamfer slightly larger than the major diameter of the broach form.

3. Bring the tool into contact with the workpiece. Note the tool will become stationary as the rotary broach holder continues to rotate in the milling spindle.

4. Feed to the depth required. It is recommended to not exceed 1.5X the broach profile's minor diameter.

5. Rapid or Feed out of the hole. Traverse to next part in the workholding unit, or to additional pilot holes requiring broaching.

rotary broaching intructional diagram

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